It actually doesn't help the top 1% or

By: Fraud

the $3.5M+ with their income taxes.   Those rates remain unchanged.  It does, however, remove the estate tax which ends the confiscation of wealth practice of the US government.  I guess that helps the top 1% the most.  Families making under $100K, in almost all situations, will see Federal income tax relief.  The $100-300K crew is going to see increases...and, that's unfortunate.  

The corporate rate reduction and the repatriation of offshore cash reduction are the best parts of the bills.  Unfortunately, the whole thing is too complicated for dolts like you to understand it and the Repubs are going to LOSE the marketing game.  

As usual, you didn't read shit and lied or are too dumb to understand big words.  You should stick to rape victim shaming.  

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