W crashed planes and killed people?

By: Dr. Spock

I didn't know that.  You sure your not talking about McCain?

And correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't Obama have been 12 years old when the draft ended in 1973? 

Frankly, I don't hold it against anyone who tried to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.  There was a lot of Communist propaganda circulating within the mainstream media then about how evil the war was and how every American was going to die a dishonorable death, and how we never had a chance to win even though Americans never actually lost a single battle in the field.  I don't blame people for trying to avoid that goofy bullsh*t.  LBJ was a fool.

Baby boomers are weird about that war.  They're all caught up in who served and who took advantage of legal draft exemptions and stayed home and got loaded.  People who did not live through that don't give a flip about that.  The war itself is infinitely more interesting, more significant.  100 years from now, people will talk about the war itself, not who avoided the draft.  Glad I wasn't around then.  Talk about a stupid time to be alive.  SMH.

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