The Barack Admin cared.

By: bread

First off Rhodesia was a net EXPORTER of food to the rest of Africa.   Problem with that was the competent ranchers who produced so much, where largely white.  And had to be run out of the country step by step.

Understand that in Africa, Tyrant dictators must hang on to power by force of arms.   Beans, rice, and corn etc. are fine for feeding the population and trading with other African neighbors.  But the miltary arms they need and covet require "cash crops",  Cotton, chocolate. Mining perhaps.   These have a better market value to trade with manufacturers of Arms.  Belgium, China, France etc.

So the dictator demands that cash crops be grown.  Then Zimbabwe's appeals to the UN for free food will follow. 

A measure of how disgusting Mugabe is.  Even the Euros won't invite him to big events.  (He is in Europe most of the time anyway.   He responded by showing up at galas Anyway.  Invite or No)

Every subsequent "election" there required political opponents be put DOWN with terror and murder. 

His theme for every election was black vs the white interlopers.   If you were against him, you were a stooge of Euro takeover.  And the rampant Ills of the country were offered as the fault of Whites. 

One more name should be mentioned from the last bloody election.  Samantha Power, ex-Barry US ambassador to the UN.

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