You hit the nail on the head

By: the909trojan

"Africa is a victim of its own corrupt stupidity."

When I was very young, too young to have more than one memory of my time there, we lived in Milawi for 1 1/2 years and then South Africa for roughly the same amount of time. In fact, I even have two african american brothers if we are being literal. My father worked in agriculture and was heading up an agriculture program in Malawi. He told us a story of one time - this is around 1970 mind you - that he was working with a (very) rural farmer with a glass eye. The farmer complained that every time he used to go to town for supplies the workers would stop working and when he returned nothing would be done. So he built a post on the top of a small hill and placed his glass eye on top of the post, telling the workers that he would be watching them when he went to town. This seemed to work out well, until one day my father and the farmer went to town, and when they came back a little earlier than normal they found the workers asleep in the shade. As the workers scrambled to get up and resume work once they realized the farmer was back, the farmer and my dad got to the area and noticed that one of the workers had placed a hat on the post, covering the eye.


My father swore it was a true story and I had no reason to doubt it. Still brings a chuckle whenever I remember it.

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