I don't know who you read

By: Old Hickory Trojan

but they don't know shet...he's brought manufacturing back to the country and that will expand if he can get congress off it's ass. He's allowed Health insurance to cross state lines to help americans afford OBamacare, he's dumpred the penatly for not signing up for Obamacare which helps americans, he's building the wall as construction has started, he's sent illegal felons back across the border, he has now stopped bringing in terrorist from terrorist countries, he's increaded our military and increased the budget to rebuild our military, he kicking ass in the middle east and Isisi is getting f'd up, he's gotten both China and Russia to put constraints on doing busines with Norht Korea, he's stopped the wasted flow of cash to the UN, he prevented the further screwing of american workers by killing the next trade agreement and is working on killing the waste NAFTA turned out to be, he;s rolled back the power of the EPA so businesses can grow and hire more people, he's opened up more domestic drilling to grow the economy and become less reliant on foreign oil and thats just a few....so for a guy who sits on his ass doing nothng,,,he sure the hell gets a lot done...nd he didn't give 20% of our Uranium to Russia in accomplishing any of that or take millions in bribes to make it happen..

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