WTF Party


WTF Party

               An organization formed to promote whatever we like.  We are constrained by a common purpose not rules.  Common purpose is not clear, but it is well understood.

               Long Term Goal:  To die in our sleep.

               Short Term Goal: To avoid dying in our sleep.

               Funding:  Donations are not accepted, (but we provide tax write offs).

               Sponsored Events:  None, but unofficially we sponsor everything. 

               Political Leaning:  To the right of everything.

               Leadership:  No elections, no officers, no laws – Traditional Mob rule, the loudest voice leads

View Points

               We reject the Tea Party’s objective to “Take back the Country”, it is based upon a faulty premise, and we never gave it up.  We acknowledge the country has been run by a bunch of squatters for the last 100 years, but they never owned our country.

               We should have a policy to draw down our nuclear arsenal by using them as needed.  

               We believe that Iran should get nuclear weapons, and we should give them to Iran one at a time until they say they have had enough.  We have nothing against Iran; we just hate foreigners.

               We believe that not only should we get out of the UN; we should give the UN 30 days to get out of our country.

               We believe the tax exempt status to all religions should be granted only to religions that accept all other religions as equals. 

               We believe that the color of your blood is more important than the color of your skin provided you are willing to put that blood at risk for your country.  You can keep your skin, it is your blood we are after.

               We believe in the draft as a mechanism to purge our country of those that do not deserve to be Americans.  We will need an active ongoing military action to make this effective, but I see no shortage in countries that need their ass kicked.  We might need to smack a few friends around to show our impartiality. 

               We have a single language (English) for one people (Americans).

               Illegal aliens have no rights or protection under our constitution, a small bounty should solve the problem and stimulate a new cottage industry.

               Legal aliens are still not citizens, but they should have limited rights (empted from having a bounty) but no benefits.

               The right to vote shall be limited to those that demonstrate a high school level comprehension of the English language.    

               Bribery of a public official shall be legal provided it is fully disclosed by both parties.  Failure to disclose shall earn either party or both a 10 year term in a federal prison.

               Gays should be allowed to serve in the US Military.  They should have their own regiment.  A “small arm” regiment will be used exclusively for frontal assaults.  Casualty rates will be high, but hell, they are all volunteers. 

               Gay marriages should be legal, but religions are not allowed to recognize the marriage.

               Legalize drugs, tax and control their distribution like alcohol.   

               Expand drug rehab centers using a portion of the billions of dollars saved from legalizing drugs.

               Expand anti-drug (and alcohol) education in the school systems emphasizing the evils of addiction, including trips to mental lock down facilities to scare the crap out of impressionable minds. These trips should include “sleep-overs” for slow learners. 

               The Education system should be performance based, which means under-performing students and teachers kicked out.  Expand vocational schools for ex-students and former teachers.


               A two-tiered tax system a high rate for leftist and a low rate for conservative, this way everyone gets what they want.  

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