What I saw was 4 vans waiting

By: bread

...from local (SF Bay area stations).  Drivers sleeping.  Some staff reading.  Others drifting about.

They were waiting for a media event that was not happening.   I got there ~1:30pm.  A huge shopping center that had every fast food company under the sun.  But C-F--A lot was packed.  As was their second one.  I found a spot in a third more distant parking lot.  Walked over to get in a line out the door. 

By 3pm.  business was still bustling and the TV crews were even more bored.  I gave up and made the 30 min. home.

On the 6pm news...wow....there it was.   The TV stations patience (hopes)  had paid off. 

A Big demonstration was documented of two lesbians openly kissing in the parking lot.  I doubt anyone in the shops even noticed.  But TV was there to codify and promote this "event" for half of Calif.

I doubt the restaurant could have made any More money that day.  

BTW.  My first time at C-F-A.  Get whole chicken pieces/-dinner.   The mush chicken burgers....not so good.

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