I'm a second amendment guy.

By: San Clemente

But I don't think kids should be able to buy guns.  They shouldn't be able to vote , go into the military or do porn either.    I think 21 is a much better age than 18 for all of that.  There is proof the brain isn't fully developed in teenagers, if you want to look it up.  They are governed by their emotions and do stupid shit. 


I also don't think crazy people should be able to purchase guns.  Real crazy people.  Like this kid should have been institutionalized years ago.  We used to have nut houses in this country , but that all ended with the movie One flew Over the cukoos nest.  Re-opening these facilities would also take care of quite a bit of the homeless problem. 


The NRA came up with the idea of backround checks in the first place.  They just need to be fine tuned and actually applied everywhere. sc 

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