If you take the Second Amendment

By: Old Hickory Trojan

as it was written and read some articles written by the founding fathers including the gentleman that had ifluenced the thought process that created the second amendment add some of the federalist papers...private citizens in order to prevent an overly zealous governmment to tyranically rule were to be able to arm themselves with like or better weanponry then the troops they would be forced to fight...as in the Revolutionary War when the civilians actually had squirrel guns that were more accurate then those carried by the British Miiatary.

Why were they superior ...because they had rifled barrels rather then smooth bore barrels...which made for longer more accuate firearm...so under those circumstances...yes civilians should be allowed to have an automatic weapon....in other words machine guns.  As a matter of fact they were totally legal in this country unitl 1934 when FDR removed that freedom. It was updated in 1939 but it wasn't until 1968 when the FED went after the Second Amendmant more boldly then previously ever attempted and that has set in motion the current approach of Congress, states, municipalities etc of interpreting what the want to interpet about the Second Amendment

If any of those folks ever took the time to read the nature of the Amendment and the framers of it along with their writings at the time...the would know it's not interpretable in constricting ownership of any firearm...the English tried that and failed...but just as many of our other freedoms are being encroached upon b government and court rulings folks are not paying close enough attention or bother to obtain the knowledge about firearms to anything other then accept the emotional rantings of the anti gun zealots who have been proven time and time again lie, falsfy data and use every single opportunity from a tragedy to try to pry firearms away for i's citizens.

With all that said I don't need anything more then a semi auto firearm with sufficient amo to defend what I beleive in...and as a history lesson in every single instane where the government took away the rights of its citizenry by either forcing a federal registry or comple confiscationand dictatorship arose...of course you might claim that is not the case in Austraiia since they confiscated firearms but I would counter...they confiscated those firearms by first sayin they wouldn't in order to get a national registry and second they threatened the owners of those weapons to later turn them in or lose their property...if thas not tyranical tell me what is....

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