Not exactly

By: Old Hickory Trojan

first many of the shootings are not at schools but have one thing in common....they have all been in gun free zones which I suggest that get taken care of first. Next unless you want a lot more nut houses keeping the crazies off the streets..nothing can be done about mental disorders that lead to violence accept stronger law enforcement and pursuit of lawbreakers

Perhaps the softness of our laws in convicting violent criminals should also be addressed or even the part on the gun purchase application that asks a number of questions regarding your history that the FED are supposed to validiate.

It's been proven that even when the FED does find folks attempting to purchase weapons unlawfully they don't convict. It's also been proven that folks using a firearm in a crime don't get put away but merely get wrist slaps...

as far as bullying...perhaps folks need to toughen themselves and their children up  a little ...this statment is not condoning it merely expessing the view that there is a softness in our society that pretty much doesn't treat offenses as severly as they should be...lectures sure the hell haven't helped, posters sure haven't helped and only after there are after effects does anyone pursue legal recourse...perhaps a tougher judicial system and actually enforcing laws would help...t

his whole idea of letting minor offenses walk because of either overfillled jails or becuase of the social stigma of the felons upbringing is ludicrous...tougher judgements, law enforcement are needed as much as anyting else..and no one that has been convicted of a violent crime should ever be considered for a free pass after they served their doesn't or shouldn't work that way...hell get a dishonorable discharge from the military and tell me that doesn't stick with that individual until the day they die...but a violent criminal is going to be given voting rights, jobs etc etc etc...

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