My response was a direct answer

By: Old Hickory Trojan

to your question and in fact since no mention was made in the amendment about the metal state of the individuals I take it for what it one shal have their rights enfringed....but to answer a couple of your points...

1.) the current background checks in order to purchase a firearm have restrictions in which the purchaser has to answer and which the Federal government is supposed to validate those of those questions that is answered is if you have ever had a mental problem....if the background check by the FED is not doing it's job..thats the proble since the ability to verify is already in place

2.) In actuallity we do not have an issue in this country in gun violence. We have an issue in this  country of violence period. Firearms are only a small part of that problem. Statistics gathered by the FBI and DOJ have shown that firearmas are not the problem that the mass media and liberal anti gunners claim...and the fact firearm ownership saves anywhere from 1.5-2.5 Million lives each year through conceal carry and just plain ownership is telling a complete different story. If you want to curtail violence look. at stiffer sentencing. look at upholding the laws that are already on the books...those areas seem or at least appear to be pick and choose issues in todays society where the perpertrator is shown more laxity then the victim when it comes to court judgement and add the social injustice zealots into the mix and you have a good part of the problem staring you right in the face then add the fact that mre laws that preent perfectly sane and reasonabl good citizens from being able to protect themselves while doing nothing to the criminal that illegally obtin a firearm is completely insane..

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