Fed of Teachers President says no to

By: Old Hickory Trojan

arming teachers ...I guess it isn't in there pay grade...so the Teachers Union came up with recommendations on what they need instead...a few comments from some teachers shows just how out of touch these folks can be....

"I am a teacher. I dont want a gun. I WON'T shoot a student."

"more resources for kids struggling with issues at home, anxiety, depression"

"Snacks to feed my hungry students who can't focus. A curriculum that focuses on student passions rather than raising test scores. a comprehensive school counseling program. DO NOT a gun. I teach to raise up the future, not to bury it"

"School counselors, nurses, social workers, meals/glasses/medical & dental care/shelter/clothing for students & families in need. What do you want to be armed with?"

"You know what? While we’re at it, a support structure of colleagues, admin, students, parents, and community leaders who are passionate about activism and advocacy in measurable ways."

"books that help develop empathy and reduce the stigma of mental health struggles."

"I don’t need to be armed with a gun but rather
•legislature that puts our children’s lives before your guns
•funding to truly support my students
•more time to build a class community instead of inundating them with testing
•action not just thoughts and prayers"

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