New Gun Control measures going

By: Old Hickory Trojan

through Congress.. among the law they want initiated:

1.) Re-invention of the Social Security regulation Obama tried to implement where any senior can lose their second Amendment rights only this tie looking at not just reserving that for those recipients that have someone controlling their income...and attempting to spread this to other government agencies that the american public has to use in order to receive other forms of government assistance

2.) Re-inforcing the Second Amendment denial to all veterana diagnosed with PTSD

3.) Confiscation without due process of anyone with firearms that has a complaint lodged against them by anyone for any reason 

4.) Raising the legal age of anyone whe wishes to own a rifle or shotgun to 21 years old which would make it similar to handgun ownership. Currently rifles and shotguns are authorized for purchase for 18 year olds and above

5.) Increasing the length of the wait period to purchase a firearm

6.) Reduce magazine capacity to a yet undetermined amount but Marc Rubio stated under the regualr capacity for the firearm what ever the hell that means..

7.) Penaization of states that refuse to turn over any information pertinant to any history of fireamr acquisition of fireamrs by and citizen

8.) Providing additional monies to any state that does turn over any state records of individual purchease of firearms by american citizens

9.) Require states to expand their record keeping on any citizen of that state

10.) Install a new requirment for all purchases in any state be approved by the Federal government before the sale can be made...this is beyond the NICS checking process 

11.) support for the UN Gun Ban that Obama signed off on where Us citizens can have UN constrainst placed upon their gun ownership and have the laws enforced by UN troops

11.) and lastly and most importantly the funding and creation of the Federal Gun Registry that will put every american gun owner under the Federal governments scrutiny

When all is said and done...none of this would have prevented any of the recent shootings...none of this protects the american citizen ad none of this upholds the Second Amendment...big government at it's worse...if this goes through expect a major push back IMHO...this could get very ugly...


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