He said it...and he also said he

By: Old Hickory Trojan

wasn't waiting for Congress and was penning an executive order to ban bump stocks...he also said he wasn't supporting the national reciprocity....he's dumping his second amendment stance entirely...nobody but a idiot would make the statement about "take the guns first and worry about due process later" unless they had seriously bought into the anti gun rhetoric...and you know wheich "take he gun" stuff he's talking about without due process...here are the ones I llisted below that are diretly related to no due process...

1.) Social security recipients and they are looking to expand that to include anyone american citizen that relies on any government agency for etitlements

2.) Veterans with PTSD 

3.) Anyone that has a complaint filed by even a neighbr who might consider you dangeous will have their firearms confiscated

Thats just the start and Sarah Sanders his press secretary already said every gun control approach is no the table...if you don't think thats a 180..I don't know what is...and none of the things they are proposing would have prevented one damn shooting that has occured recently..

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