I'll take a stab at that

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Lincoln for all intents and purposes violated states rights when he sent troops into the south, would not allow states to succeed from the Union and did away with Habeas Corpus. Just a small list of improprieties Lincoln perpetrted upon the South. As Robert E Lee said this was the first president that invaded his own country when he refused to take command of the Union Army. By he way the Civil war from a Southern standpoint was about state rights and not slavery. Robert E Lee had no slaves at the time of the Civi War yet he chose to fight for his states rights. So from the perspective of violations to the constitution, Lincoln was accountable for disregarding speciic parts of it. 

As far as your point on Slavery, first Article 1, Section 2 , Clause 3 does not infer slavery is approved under it. All it said were the qualification of one to hold office and how each state was to be represented. You also noted that an amendment was written that changed the position on slavery. So lets go over that. First of all you mentoned it as the orginal Constitution, and you would be wrong. The original Constitution when written was bold enough to address the slavery issue and attempt to abolish it. That was re-framed when the state of South Carolina would not agree to sign off on it. Thus Jefersons first cut was amended. With that said, as far as I know no one has amended the Second Amendment. It stands as written so your argument has no merit with the attempts by the anti gun crowd to write laws that violate it. If congress wants to change it, please do it the right way by tring to amend it ...until then any laws passed that violate it are illegal and are an attempt to usurp the individual freedoms granted under it.

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