Don't need to the Supreme Court

By: Old Hickory Trojan

already ruled that it's the people who have the right to have firearms. Thats why if you understood the english language would understand what the comma stood for...and would also know that a voluntary militia made up by civilians is not part of any government troops....this topic has been closed for quite awhile except for those like you that are either uninformed or just don't like the idea that private citizens have the god given right to be armed and to fight for heir freedoms from tyrany of any overbearing government. The problem the Supreme Court and legistaters have is the part about "shall not be infrigned upon"...and that word is all other words cannot be far as the bazzoka comment being that airlines are privately owned they can set the critieria on who boards and who doesn't...hell they can take you off an airlines for wearing a skirt to short or a whiney kid...but under the Second Amendment which the Supreme court and legislaters violate continuously by restricting the types of firearms one can own..a bazooka is totally acceptable as is anyy arm that a private citizen wanbts to's pretty damn clear the the people have the right to bear arms and not b infringed by anyone for that right...It says it with it...

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