Read the Federalist Papers

By: Old Hickory Trojan

for one and read some of the writings of the founding fathers that had Hamilton push the Bill of Rights into the Constitution to ensure that certain rights were not fact just start with read ing some American history and how militias were formed by the citizens to protect outposts as they expanded westward. You'll get the answers you need there and they are what I've already exlained ot you..private citizens bearing their private arms and shot and powder in order to protect themselves aagainst al enemies including potentially their own government.....and regulated meant they had a hierarcy of command with appointed leaders or citizens that just took charge. They trained together and strategized toghether...were unpaid for the services they provided and didn't report or take orders from any government unless they chose to and left to go home and condct their own business when ever they felt like it...and even with all that ..don't forget the comma..very important in reading the Second Amendment...

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