Yes we shall

By: crunchgodabruinknees

South africa was a sovereign free stte invade by England to secure shipping channels.

Tensions in southern Africa

Concerned about free dutch and german settlers outside of British control interest in southern Africa, the British Empire annexed by force the Boer South African Republic (Transvaal) in 1877 to ensure the security of its own South African territories.

The Boers resented British rule and regained a semblance of independence after defeating British forces in the (First) Anglo-Boer War of 1880-81. But the discovery of gold in Transvaal in 1886 drew more British settlers to the region. When the Boers refused to grant these uitlanders (foreigners) citizenship, tension began to grow between the two communities.

In 1895 Dr L. Starr Jameson, an administrator in the British South Africa Company, which was eager to exploit Transvaal‘s mineral wealth, led a privately organised raid into the republic in the hope of inspiring an uprising by British settlers. The failure of the raid both embarrassed the British and strengthened the Boers′ determination to resist.

On 9 October 1899 the Transvaal government demanded the withdrawal of British troops from its border and the recall of all overseas reinforcements. When the British ignored this ultimatum, Transvaal invaded Natal on 12 October. The Boers of Transvaal and the adjoining Orange Free State were now officially at war with the British Empire.

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