Fate of Tractors in South Africa

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Fate of Tractors in South Africa Presages the Country’s Future

Anyone who believes that significant food will be produced in South Africa after white farmers have been thrown off their land is referred to the history of Rhodesia, former Breadbasket of Africa — or to a recent article describing the fate of some tractors in South Africa:

A R500-million project intended to help emerging black farmers is on the brink of collapse. President Jacob Zuma handed over 85 new tractors to the Masibuyele Emasimini (back to the fields) project in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal in June 2010 to encourage small scale farming.

But, in Mpumalanga, of the 32 new tractors allocated to the Dr JS Moroka municipality only six are still running. The rest are idle because of lack of maintenance. …

In Mmametlhake and Marapyane, more than 30 farmers missed planting 65ha of sunflower seeds this season because 17 of the tractors allocated to their area were either broken or did not have fuel.

The African Farmers’ Association of SA said a total of 185000ha of once productive, redistributed land in KwaZulu-Natal was standing idle as farmers waited to benefit from the project.

No worries; a politician has a solution:

Eastern Cape DA [Democratic Alliance] leader Athol Trollip said all the agricultural colleges needed recapitalisation.

Confiscate more money from the last remaining whites and throw it at agricultural colleges. Surely this will convert African communists into people who can feed themselves.

The actual plan for after they have confiscated all the land and driven out or killed all the whites — unless South Africa’s rulers are completely delusional — is to let weeds take over the farms as in Zimbabwe and rely on international aid for food.

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