My Dog is politically active


Christmas 2017

            Well, I do not know about you but I got my Christmas present in early November.  I know it is no surprise to my loyal readers, but in early spring I took over the bipartisan “POOCHES FOR DONALD”  A National Campaign of Rescue Puppies, an advocacy group.  When the story broke that Hillary was a closet cat lover, the cry for me to take over the Trump K-9 Campaign could not be ignored.  After my experience of being disqualified for running for POTUS because my birth certificate showed I had mixed blood, (Dashhound  and Terrier), I had sworn off politics.  But the thought of a Cat Lover becoming President, after 150 years of canine people occupying the Oval office was too much to bear.

            Of course the pundits never saw us coming. It was a sweet whipping of her furry butt indeed.  I’m a little concerned that Trump has been in office 9 months and the dog house is still empty in the Rose Garden.  Dam Demos are blocking the filling of this vital position.  Come on guys it was just an election.  Get over it!  I hate to remind them but the 2018 elections are right around the corner and nobody holds a grudge like this puppy. 

            I would tell you all the interesting things my masters did this year, but they didn’t do anything worth reporting.  Oh well, Gary & Wendy said at their age “uneventful” is between good and great.  Happy New Years and Merry Christmas to all, and here is hoping you find a new puppy under your Christmas Tree.         

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