in my experience politics has always

By: bigballss

been this way. Democrats will do anything to bring down a Republican and vice versa. that is the problem with a 2 party system. Hillary or Trump? horrible choices. Trump divided and conquered... and con tinues to try and do so. Then illusion that a president would lie to the american people was crushed long ago but Trump takes lying to a new level. He won on a campaign of draining the swamp, he spoke many times about Hillary's and Bill's Pay for we find out he is the same. Actually he won on the promise to build a wall,have mexico pay for it and deport brown and black people. That message appealed to many many people.  By the way, these type of people make no distinction, privately, between legal and illegal, but the illegals are easy to pick on and they are getting booted. Haitians, nigerians, Trump said we need more people from Norway... what does that tell you? We need 4 years to see what kind of job he did overall, but this admin is a shit show. 3 former memeber have pleade guilty, 2 more are in deep shit and will flip like a quarter punder with cheese at mcdonalds. And there is plenty more to come.... I hope he hangs in there and America does the right thing in the next election.



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