I'd like to address your assumptions

By: Old Hickory Trojan

first...I don't think anyone thinks Trump does no wrong or is the messiah because that would make him perfect..but if you look at his list of accomplishments purely as a President...he's accomplished a hellva lot positive things for this country...with all kinds of shenanigans by the deep state trying to prevent it and a media that hates his guts...and a Republican party that has corrupted deep staters that almost match the filth that the call the Democratic Party..so first I don't know where you get your information but as far as the wall. your infor is incorrect he didn't get the funding he wanted which limits how much can be done but they have started and that has been verified with the funding even as little as it was in the Omnibus Bill.....so if your going to go of on what you think get some facts right and give the President credit for some of the things he's done under the Circumatances..just today he got three american prisoners released by North Korea and he didn't have to give up five terrorists to get a traitor in return. He is killing the Iran deal which thank god will actually start a real process of opposing the Iranians instad of helping them. He's lifited EPA regualtions where companies can survive, he's lured investment and companies to return to the US by reducing capaital gains, he gave a tax cut to most americans, he's achieved the lowest unemployment figures in like forever, he's putting americans back to work...I could go on but perhaps you either just don't recognize it or don't want to recognize it...but one thing you hopefully are finding out is through this bullshet pursuit to impeach trump the Deep State is being exposed, the lawlessness of the biggest agenices in the federal government are being exposed and puch for no borders and the progressive movement to turn us into a third world country is be identified as well as the illegal UN Small Arms Treaty the Obama signed off on whic attempts to destroy the second amendment...lots of good stuff happening for america and whether or not he slept with a porn star 10 years ago or not or paid her $130k is in no way important to me..since it doesn't impact what he is doing for the country now...so here you go on the wall...

"We started building our wall,” he said in Ohio on March 30. “I’m so proud of it. We started. We started. We have $1.6 billion, and we’ve already started. … We have $1.6 billion toward the wall, and we’ve done the planning.”

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