I'm in the middle regarding Trump

By: the909trojan

But a lot of people - like yourself - are adamant that he's very good - or on the other side of the coin - that he is very bad. Personally I think he does a lot of good things and quite a few not so good things. If you don't think this country is divided than I'm not sure what to tell you. Right or wrong, a lot of people have very extreme views of the President, favorable or negative. Same for Obama and, to an extent, the same for Bush. I'm not blaming Trump for that, mrely stating that the country is divided when it comes to politics. 


Regarding the wall, regardless of where the opposition or struggles come from he made a pledge to build a wall and it hasn't happened. I will be very surprised if it does. Hope I am wrong. Obama made a shit ton of pledges that didn't happen either. That's politics. I'm not claiming that Trump is any worse than the other politicians in regards to campaign promises.



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