That wasn't an attack

By: Old Hickory Trojan

if you read what he was totally inaccurate and much of it was opinion stated as fact...and considering the situation and problems and issues that the Democrats have brought to fruition in California and the fact that the California voters keep re-electing them with clear indicators of violations of Federal Law, violations of the Constitution, and some of the current bills going before the California legislature and then relating that the information in his post there is no other description that can can anyone with half a brain not recognize that under our current situation in Washington there are two distinct justice systems, and with all the coverup by the DOJ, FBI, and their obvious attempt to go after one Presidential candiadate and not another be seen any other way..and back to California how can anyone not recognize that open borders which violate federal laws, sanctuary cities that thawart law enforcement and Mayors that actually inform illegal criminals ahead of a raid to scatter...not be considered criminal....but with just those few items Californians keep voting for lawbreakers, or allowing an admitted illegal murder an innocent girl admnit to the crime and then have the jury which represents your state pass a not guilty...only morons would allow that kind a shet to happen without doing something about it...but in the meantime posting about how Trump and his cronies need to be in jail while Hillary and her minions shouldn't be prosecuted or John Kerry who justed violated the Logan Act which makes him a traitor to this country is OK...sorry that asn't an was stating a logical conclusion to the posts that this individual has posted....what other conclusion would you draw?


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