Lets talk about your opinion that

By: Old Hickory Trojan


I see the reason for the divide is simple.....you either like what this country represents in our Constitution and Bill of Rights or you don't....you either beleive inthe rule of law or you don't....you beleive that their are documented lawful  processes for change and their are other unlawful processes for change. From there you start your tick list...if you don't like or beleive in the Second Amendment you elect members of Congress that will add an amendment to modify it or dislve it. You don't create artificial barriers to prevent legal citizens from having the right to execute their second amendment...this is just one example...another example...just becuase you don't like the candidate that was duly elected as President doesn't mean you can overturn the vote of the people with tha nefarious attempts by those who hate the guy...hell I hated Obama but he was our President. I voted against the guy but the country has spoken I accepted it and didnt cry in my beer or riot inthe streets or march on Washington or attempt to block his innaugeration...or go after his wife and kids viciously. I also think you need to look at the latest polls...the country is not as divided as you think...more and more as Trump regardless of the roadblocks thrown at him accomplishes one thing after another and rebuilds our position in the world...puts more and more folks to work..more and more voters are jumping on board...and even the things he hasn't done because of Congress are gaining more favor with the people even Democrats...so with that said what not so good things has he done in his short time in office...I'd really like to know...

""I think he does a lot of good things and quite a few not so good things"

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