100% Agree on what you posted

By: Old Hickory Trojan

He has a whole lot of negatives to say about Trump but when it comes to what he's accomplished he gives him kudo's in a big way...no different then many Trump supporters you overlook his shortcomings for what he is doing or trying to do...I see now he wants to cut the budget he signed off on so the government wouldn't shut down and has marked up a pretty aggressive amount he wants taken out of it.....pretty upsetting to both the the Rhinos and Democrats..but that bill was the way they thought with the potential for a government shutdown they could add a bunch  of gatbage of wasted spending and force him to sign...he did but now he's coming at the waste in it...lets see who defends what that Trump has marked for cutting...should get interesting...and he's also ticked off the big pharmacie companies with the cost cutting drug amounts he wants...that should also stir up congress...personally I have no problem with either items he wants to slash...I think its a good thing to take a lot of waste out of the budget and cut into the profit margins that the drug companies are gouging our citizens whe the same drugs somewhere else are much cheaper

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