all European Cinema has neglected the crimes

By: crunchgodabruinknees

of the communists. Try to find a movie about the gulags, the Bolshevik murders of the middle-class kulaks or Mao's crimes that killed a hundred million. Bolshevism was worse or equivalent to the crimes of Nazism, but you cant find any movies on that. Wonder why?

Who lobbied to chose the communists to support in WWII after they butchered 10 of millions of their own people?

what heroic foreign leader lead the effort to ally with Russia?

Ever find a movie about that side of the story? I think not.

Ever find a movie about the blockade of food and all other material after WWI that continued well into 1919 that caused intentional ongoing famine, disease and death of civilians? Hows that for peace?

How about a movie about the 500,000+ civilian Boer settlers that the British killed in concentration camps?

Movies follow the biases of the ongoing "consensus" side of history of the period that rests primarily on dogmatic propaganda from the western side from WWII

They ignore a host of allied crimes:

a) British (not USA) intentional bombing of civilians when military targets were available

B) British bombing of refugee camps and centers (sounds awful but true)

c) the targeting of Hiroshima city center when the juiciest military target in japan was 3 miles away etc

d) deaths of 3,000,000 POWS after the war

etc etc etc

War sucks. But 1/2 the story has never been told. The habit of endless hand-wringin over the NAZI's but ignoring the crimes of the reds has real-world implications like our stupid naive build-up of communist China through trade. We blithely ignored what they really are we have built a dragon of epic proportions. The left worships Castro a communist murderer, par excellence. Why no examination of his slaughters? There arre effectively no NAZIs but plenty of communists. Yet Hollywood loves their reds.

There are some books that scratch the surface like Buchanan's book about Churchill. There is now will in western society to look at the epic failure of choices made.

Churchill, Hitler, and The Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World Paperback – July 28, 2009

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