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By: Old Hickory Trojan

Youtube and somehwere in the comments listed below will be the words "Free Tommie Robinson". They kept sayiny that conservative voices are being silenced on Google, Facebook and Youtube....and they are correct but you can add the one no one seems to want to mention the Pro Gun Youtube channels which are being banned every day for their first and second amendment rights...they frist took away their sponsors and then they tried the three strike methind if they didn't like content, next they blocked subscribers to those channels from getting reminders...so overall

A new threat of censorship, one thought, one conversation is being allowed on all of these sites and it is not anywhere close to the first and second amendment...freedom lost and all our Congress does is sit on their hands even when th hard data is right in from of them when they did an inquiry.....the progresive left wing fascists are winning this war...and freedom is suffering from it...

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