Germany had no means to attack the USA

By: crunchgodabruinknees

We built up the soviet industry and bolstered the communist government having widespread impacts that echoed throughout the cold war and through today through Putin. Communist power post WWI killed about 75 million. Its well understood now that Roosevelt under the guidance of a communist infiltrated state department eschewed all choices but full-scale war and in fact provoked and sought it.

The USA had tools to change the whole situation in lieu of towing the British line. The Brits started the global scale of the war to support Polish Sovereignty that ended with Poland under the Soviet thumb. Britain lost its empire. Russia was triumphant astride eastern Europe.

In WWI Britain was no more democratic than Germany. We stupidly intervened. In WWI the Soviets were no better than the NAZIs. It was a parade of errors in US foreign policy. Patton was right.

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