British Invented the Death Camp

By: crunchgodabruinknees

The term "Concentration Camp" was coined to describe the death camps operated by the British in South Africa.

Bloemfontain is one many. There's your name you grand consumer of British propaganda.

When the British invaded the free democratic and independent Boer State and couldn't defeat the guerilla warfare of the Boers, they rounded up all the women children elderly and the like and put them in death camps that killed 600,000. They also burned all the farms and killed all the cattle belonging to civilians.


Tents in the Bloemfonteinconcentration camp


Boer women and children in a concentration camp

British concentration campsrefers to internment camps operated by the British in South Africa during the Second Boer Warin years 1900–1902. The term "concentration camp" grew in prominence during this period.

The camps had originally been set up by the British Army as "refugee camps" to provide refuge for civilian families who had been forced to abandon their homes for whatever reason related to the war. However, when Kitchener took over in late 1900, he introduced new tactics in an attempt to break the guerrilla campaignand the influx of civilians grew dramatically as a result. Disease and starvation killed thousands.[Kitchener initiated plans to flush out guerrillas in a series of systematic drives, organised like a sporting shoot, with success defined in a weekly 'bag' of killed, captured and wounded, and to sweep the country bare of everything that could give sustenance to the guerrillas, including women and children ... It was the clearance of civilians—uprooting a whole nation—that would come to dominate the last phase of the war.[2]


Lizzie van ZylBoerchild, visited by Emily Hobhousein a British concentration camp

As Boer farms were destroyed by the British under their "Scorched Earth" policy—including the systematic destruction of crops and slaughtering of livestock, the burning down of homesteads and farms, and the poisoning of wells and salting of fields—to prevent the Boers from resupplying from a home base many tens of thousands of women and children were forcibly moved into the concentration camps. This was not the first appearance of internment camps, as the Spanish had used internment in Cuba in the Ten Years' War, but the Boer War concentration camp system was the first time that a whole nation had been systematically targeted, and the first in which some whole regions had been depopulated.

Eventually, there were a total of 45 tented camps built for Boer internees and 64 for black Africans. Of the 28,000 Boer men captured as prisoners of war, 25,630 were sent overseas. The vast majority of Boers remaining in the local camps were women and children.

The British victors of the campaign of genocide claim only 28,000 women and children were killed. Both contemporary and modern estimates put the figure at closer to 600,000.

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