The Boers were western

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Europeans, not brutal savages. Further they were thousands of miles from the British homeland in a place invaded by the Brits just for glory of the empire.

The Americans fought many questionable engagements with the savages, certainly but it was kill or be killed.

And I do blame the Turks.

To use your argument its time to get over the weeping and wailing over the Shoah when that was 63 years ago. The British claim some moral superiority over the Germans but frankly the Soviets were worse. The intentional firebombin of civilians by the brits was a lengthy intentional war crime. Many nations did many wrongs.

My point of the original argument was that its naive to assume America had no choices and that all out world war aligned with the communists was America's only choice. It was a big giant fail. It displaced the Nazis to enable the soviets. Destroying the world to save it was not the only choice.

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