wasn't talkin to you boy

By: crunchgodabruinknees

I was talkin to the jerk-jolly who claimed I used an image from A NAZI propaganda film when it was actually a circus freak relative of John Wooden's.

And this bears repeating--I agree with the sentiment

"Fuck off! Seriously, just fuck off. We are not responsible for what happened before we were born. My own family, for example, comes from a mix of poor Irish, French and Scottish stock. One died destitute in a workhouse. So, sure, we did well out of the transatlantic slave trade. I do not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty and I’ll be damned if I apologise or give money to people as a consequence of something that happened hundreds of years before my birth and for which I have no responsibility. Whitten can go fuck himself with a pineapple wrapped in razor-wire, the vile little creep.

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