Is Barrack cooperating with Mueller

By: Conquest2000

I never post on the poltics board but I read, and then talking to some guys who know Barrack at Lakeside, big time GOP's, they got a little tipsy and worked up Saturday in the men's lounge and probably shared a bit too much.

Barrack has already been interviewed by Mueller, BUT if he is singing, then he is a f'ing rat fink for cooperating.  Word on the street is the 5th Distrcit in New Orleans is looking into him, they (along with the 11th district out of Miami) handle all intial inquries about illegal activities in the Caribbean, and rumor is if he wasn't cooperating, he would have been indicted by now for some illegal Cayman activities, involving wire and mail fraud.  

Barrack was an investor in Flynn's activities and buddy of Manafort is the one who supposedly introduced Manafort to Team Trump.

He is on the USC BOT, and in my opinion should have been the choice to be interim President of the University.  His coonections are global where as Caruso's are more local.  Would have been great to have a guy like Barrack leading USC even if for a limited time.

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