There was lengthy time before that

By: crunchgodabruinknees

during which time our leverage could have created a dramatic change in the situation.

Germany declared war yes after a couple years of open north Atlantic warfare. When America embargoed Japan, armed the Brits, and fed the Russians Roosevelt knew he was taking America intentionally into a world scale war.

The Roosevelt admin with was permeated in foreign policy with Soviet agents and British agents who sought things not necessarily in alignment  with America's interests.

There was about a two-year window that was squandered.

Every choice was fully ignored,  except for one driven by foreign influence. 

And yes, it's an unpopular view, but your opposing view is deeply buried in WWII propaganda to solidify public opinion behind Roosevelts Churchillian pro-Soviet foreign policy.

And now what was good about England is dead. Its freedom is gone. Its freedoms are worn away and putrified. 

England as its constituted today is not worth the death of one single brave American GI or one panzergrenadier. Nor is the socialistic dictatorship in England worth the deaths of 100,000s of intentionally firebombed refugees or childreb that Churchill directed be killed in contravention of the Geneva convention. England is Nazi-light today. It only lacks s a bit more genocide to get there, but the Brits have done that to the Irish, Boers, and Indians, followed by a sprinkling of fire on German refugees.

I don't excuse the NAZI genocide in any shape or form. Yet, even the "peaceful" Belgians under Leopold killed, mutilated, raped and tortured probably as many Congolese as the Germans did to their opponents.

NAZIsm was a brief bird shit on German history. Communism is a lengthy red stain of blood that killed 100,000,000 or more. 

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