Somehow we seem to have forgotten

By: Old Hickory Trojan

that their was a very large Nazi movement in the US...that had very close connections ot Hitler...hell even Henry Ford was a great fan and even wrote a very anti-semetic book at the time of the rise...and was one of the few folks outside of Germany that Hitler bestowed an award to....Uboats of the eastern seaboard, spys inside the country such as the Duquesne spy ring that was operative inthe US in the 1930's well before we entered the war, sabotours inside the country with plans such as Operation Pastorius....with all that going on somehow the Nazi's weren't someone we should go to war with...uhhhhh huhhhhh..lets not forget the Bundt with its known 10,000 members in the US...but the Us had nothing to worry about...geez..

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