Choices are obvious to all but the dense

By: crunchgodabruinknees

America had many choices including

-not driving Japan to war

-going to war with “Japan Only” by sewing up the Pacific and the middle east

-negotiation with Germany following an entente with Japan, England, and France or some combination

-negotiating in earnest with Japan

-offering alliance with Japan-England-USA

-settling with Japan and threatening to throw everything in favor of Britain but not Soviet Russia

-offering quid-pro-quo for Germany to proceed against Russia in exchange for withdrawal from France

-offering peace to the German general staff at many points for tossing out Hitler

-negotiating peace with Germany early, middle or late

-Staying out altogether while arming to the teeth

-Arming England but not Soviet Russia

and a hundred other non-Churchillian choices that might have spared millions

Because Roosevelt's communist permeated state department wanted to save Soviet Russia first and foremost, everything but Churchills view was ignored.

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