That old "National Security" scam

By: Old Hickory Trojan

has proven over and over again during these investigations by Congress that they have nothing to do with National's all about CYA coverup of their misdeads........saw a video yesterday by Ben Shapiro where he pointed to 12 factors from the IG Report and then started to laugh saying it was obvious that their intent was to get Trump and elect Hillary and what made it laughable was that Comey thought Hillary was in the bad as president so he went public on the new evidence of the emails on Weiners laptop thinking if he announced the reopening it would look like when they cleared her she was a legitimate miscalculation on his part as it may have swing the election...his point is after all the conniving by the DOJ and FBI to. get Trump and put Hillary in the WH...they botched it totally...and those 12 events were clearly bias and Wray is just another DC elitist...who is going to fix it by retraining all the FBI agents that had nothing to do with the frameup and those that did have at least 7 of them still in the FBI and 2 any of those 7 still work there says everything you need to know about the Justice system in the US

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