Its different

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Those loudmouths you lump together with the Protestants have no claimed or doctrinal authority over "the protestants". Also, they do not have economic or effective control of any denomination.  However, the Pope claims direct command on religious matters for hundreds of millions along with control of the vast staff and financial assets of the catholic church worldwide.

Its a far different role and position. Protestant denominations generally vest or believe in limited authority in hte  clergy unlike the Catholic church that vests enormous authority in a giant hierarchy with some real corruption issues. To even discuss the matter of reform one has to understand that difference. Its fundamental difference.

This pope is under attack by his own bureaucracy for his alleged heresies including movement towards reconciliation   with the reformers aka Lutheran Church. On the other side he is attacked for his politics of leftism and claimte nonsense.

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