I had a similar experience recently

By: crunchgodabruinknees

An old friend and his wife both started down that same path and used some pretty abusive self-righteous language. It may have been a tactical error as I'm the trustee of their family trust put in place by his father and grandfather.

I'm suddenly feeling the word "no" becoming a very important part of my vocabulary.  Their kid is a staunch conservative.


After hypocrisy, the most conspicuous characteristic of today’s liberals is thuggery. They hold to a zero-tolerance policy toward anyone not in compliance with their grotesque ideology. Just being associated with a Republican administration, like Sarah Sanders,  makes you an untouchable, completely beyond the pale.

With their control of the media and education, maybe their hyper-intolerant approach will allow progressives to eradicate resistance. Or maybe it will engender ferocious resistance from regular Americans who normally would not have become engaged.


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