We shouldn't offer shyttt .

By: Torpedoman

If they seek asylum, let the parents show up at the POE and go through the legal process or sent back to a Mexican city for asylum. If they illegally enter, then they get the consequences.. Parents get arrested and prosecuted, kids fall under the Flores Consent decree and are handed over to HHS till resolution of the illegal entry happens and then they're transferred to ICE .. then they get deported. Flores (also our limited shelter availability) is the bigger problem because it limits how long the govt can hold them.. Trump is desperately trying to get congress to reverse Flores to help because of the massive onslaught we're dealing with right now. Congress could end the clusterfawk quick and easy if they were'nt such gutless swamp rat a-holes!  regardkess.. imo, we do not need any illegals living here! 

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