I agree ..with friends like Germany

By: Old Hickory Trojan

who needs enemies...and all this bullshet about it helps the US..is just that ...BS...if Russia wants to start something with the world it's not going to be a war in the trenches anymore...times have changed we don't need another maginot line when we have modern technology to address those issues....if those countries don't want to defend themselves then why should we do it for them...and on a side note as Germany has the strongest economy in that region .....they have 208k in Military personnel, 94 fighter aircraft, 181 attack aircraft, 58 attack helicopters,  432 combat tanks, 123 self propelled artillery, 38 rocket projectors, 10 frigates, 5 corvettes and 6 submarines....and somehow that is going to counter the Russians...what a joke...

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