I guess you haven't figure out

By: Old Hickory Trojan

that Tariffs which were a sticking point of 20% already existed and the plan was to raise them further under Lincolns presidency which is what he did after taking office. Watch the video I have put in my remarks about that. In fact you may learn a hellva lot more then you currently know about the war. An example from the video explains that Walmart withdrew from building stores in Washington DC when they caught wind of ruors that DC was going to raise the minimum wage...and lo and behold DC did raise it to %15 an hr....Walmart decided to not build before that happened similarly the South decided to leave the Union prior to the increase in the Tariff....Lincoln did raise it to 50% which seasled the deal...and as far as Fort Sumpter ...South Carolina had succeeeded 6 days pror to ever sendinf a round over Fort Sumpter and had communicated with the Northern Military to evacuate..when they refused was when they opened fire on Fort Sumpter. Which by the way has no casualties...zero. It is not unusual for a state that is not longer part of the Union to request foreigners to leave when they are a military presence and if they refuse attacking them especially with prior warnings...so again you are dead wrong...the history is there if you care to look into it.

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