You need to study more objective

By: Old Hickory Trojan

writings and not the history re-written by the victors. In fact you might want to read what Jefferson Davis wrote "the North was mad and blind and would not let us govern ourselves and so the war came and now it must go on until the last man of this generation falls in his tracks and his children seize the musket and fight our battle unless you acknowledge our right to self government. We are not fighting for slavery We are fighting for independence and that or extermination".....and by the way amonst many of the things Lincoln did that were unconstitutional add these...Ordered a blockade of Southern Ports which requires congrssional approval, ordered the Navy to buy five warships without congressional approval...add those to suspension of the writ of habeas corpus along with closing down nothern newspapers that opposed his actions and arresting 10,000 american protesters of the war that never lifted a weapon...and Merryman...think about it found not guilty in a court of law arrested and tried before a military tribunal to find hi about civil rights...geeez..

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