It didn't save the nation

By: Old Hickory Trojan

it created Jim Crowe and the KKK...and abolished states rights with Federal Government taking it's place....all totally against what the founding fathers wanted when they created the nation...Jefferson and Hamilton both spoke about the soveriegnty and rights of the states to leave anytime they wished and felt that any state that wanted to leave to make their citizens happy could...hell Mass tried to suseed four times from the Union well before the Civil War......what in the the founders original statements and documents gave Lincoln the right to not accept the Souths succession? What gave him the power to take civil liberty away from the citizens, disregard double jeaporady, disregard the Congress and the Supreme Court.....nothing gave him those powers...Might want to consider not each state that ended up being the Confederacy left at the same time...but none of that mattered to Lincoln...he was a tyrant and his actions were those of a tyrant disregarding everything that the Republic stood for...

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