Dream On Grouchy!

By: Dr. Spock

Complete and udder gibberish.  You and OHT should be best buddies by now.  You both think the USA is evil and has done everything wrong for the last 150 years.  LOL!  A couple of chuckleheads.  Just like the Communists: Hate America.  SMH.

Again, if the UK and France lost the Great War, the US banks and the US arms dealers would have NEVER been paid for what they loaned to the Entente.  They also loaned money and arms to Imperial Germany but after 1915, Imperial Germany wasn't buying too much US armaments.  And that is not the USA fault.  It's Germany's fault for having a pussy strategy for the Kriegesmarine. 

Again, that's not America's fault.

And the blockade was not illegal during a war.  Another goofy, dreamed up excuse for Imperial Germany's strategic blunders.  And you have the nerve to blame America for it?  Give me a fucking break dude.  You sound just like an illegal alien from Mexico who says the USA owes him something. 

The USA owed NOTHING to Imperial Germany in 1914.  Just like the USA owed NOTHING to Imperial Japan in 1941.  Want cheap armaments or cheap oil?  FUCK YOU!  Do what we say or we sell our stuff to someone else. 

Not too hard to understand.  Not sure why you chuckleheads swallow Commie propaganda and think Imperial Japan or Imperial Germany was somehow entitled to something for nothing. 

You, OHT and San Clemente need to pull your heads out of your asses and stop subscribing to Communist propaganda.

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