its your post thats gibberish

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Until WWI when we swallowed British influence and manipulation, Britain was a clear enemy-rival. We fucked up big time.

Why was the "neutral" selling weapons used to blockade food in contravention to the treaties on the conduct of war in place--a double war crime?

Why was the Lusitania stuffed with arms?

Why wouldnt Britain have paid its war loans in any case with mass holdings of gold and colonial lands?

why wouldnt a more equal peace have stooped the mass slaughters of 17-18?

hmm? No reason.

The burden of proof should fall on those who support the failed actions that were taken. Millions died thanks to Britain.  The red takeover in Russia also resulted. Then, the unjust peace directly caused WWII.

I cant believe you would defend the pure dumbness of the failure.




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