you're wrong he is not

By: crunchgodabruinknees

 At this distant date the non-popular counter arguments to the official Lincoln position are obscured. Lincoln did of course wipe his ass with the constitution including suspending habeas corpus, but winning creates forgiveness.

The winners get to write the predominant history, so the wrongs of the victor get covered with whitewash. It's just like the British atrocities of colonialism, of the Boer War, of the intentional blockade of food to civilians against the then prevailing written international law during and AFTER WWI, firebombing civilians intentionally, and intentional killing of refugees by the brits--each is ignored because the Brits wrote the history after winning.

Alas and alack, the heroes Lincoln and Churchill perhaps should have been in a  Nuremberg courtroom for their own crimes but they won. This is not a new concept. The Romans described the vibrant and civilized Carthaginians  as barbarians and utterly destroyed Carthage through conquest. In doing so Rome wrote the history making Roman propaganda the official story in the same way as the North's narrative and Churchills. The North and Churchill did the same as the Romans.

When you win your propaganda-history prevails. One can only find the counter arguments and unpleasant "other" facts in tiny footnotes, like Churchills warmongering and British war crimes. No one wants to hear about Lincolns crimes or British malfeasance. They just dont.

"Read your history" rings emptily as "the history" echos the propaganda of the winner. Other details fall away in the mist. Patriotic propaganda history overwhelms details about Lincoln and FDR.

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