That little so called story were the first

By: Old Hickory Trojan

shots of the war....and it was by the North based upon the Northen Commander you bought into the whole enchalada with the Northern version of the Civil War rather then investigating an illegal war by Lincoln that defied the Supreme Court, the Congress, the Constitution all on Lincolns whim to take control of the South and maintain the major revenue stream feed the the way the Tariffs the Government was collecting was by a large majorit funding the Federal Government and keeping man in the south poor ....some numbers...from the tariffs imposed upon the South....between the 1830's and 1840' revenues by the Federal Government was $107.5M and of that total Southern states by way of the tariffs. paid $90M...while the North pad $17.5M...those tariffs meant Southerners for taxes and exports lost 87% of their might understand that when the threat of an increase on tariffs from 20% to 50% when in reality it went both ways on the South might have raised the rational for succession..

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