Totally retarded.

By: Dr. Spock

But sadly expected from a Commie USA hater like you. ;)

Your list of bad Presidents is completely retarded and motivated by Anti-USA Propaganda.  Sad but true.

Here, a free history lesson:

My bottom 3 of US Presidents:

1. 1856. James Buchanan.  A Democrat and probably our 1st homosexual President who did nothing while The South tried to leave the Union and form it's own country.  Total idiot and dipshit who did NOTHING to stop it because he was a gay Democrat pussy.

2. 1928.  Herbert Hoover.  A Republican who while on a golf course in Michigan with Henry Ford, heard of the stock market crash of 1929, and the first thing Hoover did was call his broker in New York and make sure he had sold all his shares on the market before the crash.  What a dick.

3. 1976.  Jimmy Carter.  A Democrat, Carter ran as a Left leaning Dem party outsider who had a magic ticket to the Presidency over Ford because of the media hyped-up Nixon-Watergate Scandal. Carter proved to be completely inept when handling the economy and foreign policy.  A total loser in every possible way.

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