Again educate yourself

By: Old Hickory Trojan

obviously you bought into the bullshet handed out in grade school..the south didn't fight to keep fought for states rights which were being abused by the federal government. If every southerner who thought they were fighting for slavery went into battle they wouldn''t have been able to put together an army since the number of slave owners in the south was a huge minority and some of those were black plantation owners...and the same could be said for the Northeners as written by a couple of commanding officers who wrote badically if the war was about freeing the negro they they wouldn't have an army. and there were 5 states that joined the Union in the war that were slave states and kept their slaves during the war......the south left the Union because they were being taxed to death by the federal government. I posted the revenue stream and how one sided it was comparing the taxes and tariffs levied on the South and not the North and with the threat of rasing the taxes from 20% to 50%.  the south bolted which they were legally allowed to do. Slavery only became an issue when Lincoln found out thathe could use that issue to preserve the high ground whch was after he illegally started the war...against the rulings of the Supreme Court, the Congress and the US Constitution and the writings of the founding fathers...anyone without bias that would look at the facts would know read a little more about the civil war since you obviously swallowed a lie hook line and sinker...

And to answer the question of what I posted having to do with anything...Lincoln himself stated Negros were inferior and he also stated he saw no reason to change what already why do you think if it had nothing to do with slavery Lincoln went to war...try this ..if the South left the revenue stream that supporte the federal government would lose 90% of it's revenue..fact.

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